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Dalama Protection LLC    
18503 Pines Blvd. Suite 310
Pembroke Pines, FL 33029

Call Us At 954-362-5400

Demetrius Madison

Jose Perez

Ozzie Dalama

Thomas Pena

Dacelin Gabriel

Osmar Valencia

Company License:

A 2900038 / B 2900038

Areas Served:

Florida and the Tri-County area


Special Event Services

From political conventions to sports spectaculars, from awards shows and entertainment events to product sales and major corporate marketing events, Dalama Protection’s special events division provides unparalleled safety, security, and peace of mind.

For corporate events and other occasions, Dalama Protection focuses on advance planning, threat assessment and problem prevention; event crowd control; and when necessary, crisis response. Management is skilled at understanding and planning the event security process and working with the client, while our security personnel are trained to be polite and professional, while assuring the safety and security of event attendees. A broad range of security resources are available to meet the needs of major corporations, entertainment industry executives, large parties, political events, and every other type of activity where a secure environment is required.

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Our Team:

  • Can be Discreet (Plain Clothed), or Fully Uniformed
  • Can Cater to Large or Small Events, Size No Problem
  • Is Experienced in Crowd Control

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